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St Maria Soledad 

Born: 1826

 Died: 1887


Feast day: October the 11

Father Michel, Paster of one of the poorest suburbs of Madrid, was aware of the problem of the poor and abandoned sick who often couldn’t  hospitalisation. So he began an order witch would provide nurses to go to the homes of the sick wether they could pay or not, because of his special devotion to our lady of the seven sorrows, he wanted to begin with the seven servants of Mary, the seventh person to apply was little Vibina Torres. Vibina was born on the second of December in 1826, the second of 5 children of the dairy man! she loved to gather the children of the neighbourhood And have childish prose ions in honor of Our Lady.but Vibina despite her personality, she secretly longed for a contemplative life, she applied for Dominic’s as a lay sister, but she would have to wait for vacancy, as she relished that her chances at Dominic’s were slim, she requested an interview with Father Michel. On August the 15th 1851 the 24 year old Vibina and six others took three religious vowels of poverty, chastity and the habit of the new congregation and change their names. Vibina became St Maria Soledad.

Many problems bested the young congregation, the first superior left the congregation and tried to undo all of its works, the sisters were very poor and had hardly enough to eat. In 1856 Father Michel appointed sister Soledad superior general of the community through many hardships she preserved In chastity, humility and in wise guidance. She prayed for more sisters.Mother Soledad lived to see her congregation giving full proplal approval in 1876.Mother Soledad developed Pneumonia in 1887.She died quitely in the motherhouse after receiving her last sacrament at the age of 60. She was canonized by pope Paul VI in 1970. Her feastday it October the 11.

St Maria’s prayer,

O our loving Jesus, I commend to you this night my loving heart and sole that they may rest peacefully in you. Since I can praise you in my sleep, may my guardian angel replace me  that all my hearts beats may be so many acts of praise and thanksgiving offered to your loving heart and that of your eternal father.

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