Snapshot writing


I see the amazing exhibits as I walk in,

they are as cool as a cucumber,

I hear little kids screaming with excitement,

I taste the yummy biscuits that we brought with us,

I smell the pancakes that the children were



Snapshot writing

Pizza place 

I see the pizza puffing up in the oven,

they make me feel as hungry as a hippo,

I hear the grumbles of my family’s tummy’s,

I taste the yummy pizza inside my mouth,

I smell the homing old fashion pizza place warming me inside,

I feel the satisfying feeling inside me.

Snapshot writing

Grandma and grandpa’s house

I see my gran and pa smiling at me,

I hear my sisters laugh, as she listens to pa’s jokes,

I taste pa’s homemade bread & butter,

I smell the fire crackling in the back yard,

I feel the warm rug rapped around me.

Genesis reflection

Whãt dįd ÿøû łęårñ?

I learnt that the genesis story
Six days of creation and the genesis story Adam and Eve were
Both catholic.

Whåt dįd ÿøû dõ węłł?

I think that I did well on my presentation and my investigating
Because I got a lot on my paper.

Whãt çåñ ÿøü įmprøvę øñ?

I think I could Improve on my
Time management because I got it all done pretty fast and I need to slow down.


.the bread and the whine are very
Special because they are Jesus’ body and blood.
. The word Eucharist means thanks giving.
. You have to be catholic to drink the whine and eat the bread.
SYMBOLS: bread whine pray love

106 word challenge

106 word challange
She lifted the lid!
‘Got to go mum’ jamie said ‘im late’ ‘dont forget to pack your lunch’ mum said. Jamie grabbed some bread and the vegimite, took a bite of her apple and reached for the lid of the cookie jar she lifted the lid ‘ MAX’ she yelled ‘why did you eat all of my homemade cookies’, ‘i did not do it’ max said ‘then who did?’ said jamie just scamper their little labrador puppy bounded into the room with crumbs all over his face ‘SCAMPER’ jamie yelled ‘dont worry jamie’ mum said ‘have some cake in stead’ ‘thanks mum’ said Jamie.

Sizzling starts

Sc:we will be successful when we have identified what a good sizzling start has

Lo: we are learning to identify good sizzling starts.

Presentation: we will post on our blogs what’s good sizzling start is and all the features.

How will we challenge ourselves to show deeper knowledge?
We will compare boring sizzling starts to exiting sizzling starts.

Boring: one day their was a 16 year old girl who lived on a farm she had 6 horses 3 cows and 1 sheep she loved to ride her horses.

Exiting: “Lisa wake up, time to milk the cows” “coming daddy” she said as she stumbled down the stairs.

100 word challenge

Racing, formula 1, melbourne, CRASH!

Hi my name is sarah and my uncle is a pro race car driver. My uncle is in his race car now waiting for the black and white chekered flag to woosh down. My uncle’s car has a special gas in it called formula 1! Melbourne is such a big place and hopefuly lots of people will be there. The race is starting WOOSH! My uncle’s car in racing down the rack in first place! But suddenly CRASH! Second place’s car smashed into my uncle’s but luckly it has only made a scratch. Last lap. My uncle finishes first. YAY!!! Woohoo!

BY Tess